Uke Cartman Dump

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Rating: M
Pairing(s)/People: Cartman(Kyle+Butters cameo)
Kink: Dress-Up
Warning: Cum-shot
Made: 2010
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Rating: T
Pairing(s)/People: Cartman
Kink: Humiliation
Inspiration: TSST! s10e07
Made: 2000...something...

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Rating: T+
Pairing(s)/People: ClydexCartman
Warnings: Humiliation, Dub-Con, Moobage Fondling
Inspiration: Picture above
Made: 2000 something...

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Rating: T+
Pairing: KenEric
Made: 2000...something

Welcome! Salutations! Get Your Arse in Here!

Hello! This is your MOD here posting a happy welcome. I'm sure that you want an explanation as to what the fuck we'll be doing here, right? Well, I'll deliver.

Over all, this is a place to post your work-fanfiction, icon, art-based off of slash in cartoons as well as pitch rp ideas! This really will be fun once people start joining, so if you join, and have a friend that might want to join as well, then please ask them! All Cartoons are accepted here, even extremely old ones most people might not remember! Every once in a while, we'll also have a contest or two, and an icon change every month decided by a poll! Explicit adult content is of course allowed, just put it behind a cut. Actually, put all work behind a cut so that it looks a little more manageable, alright?

Fanfiction Format
{Word Count}-

(Fake Cut)

The first Contest may take place this month depending on how many members join up!

I have high hopes for this community, and hope that many of you join!